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Intimate & romantic wedding photography for couples who believe in building a marriage more beautiful than their wedding day and not taking life too seriously.


"Snuggle on over, come a little closer,

you could be the one.

Turn something ordinary

into something fun."

- John Buckley


you're getting married!

Seriously, how elated are you right now? I hope you are over-the-moon excited for this because being married is awesome. You get to wake up next to your best friend every day and always have someone who will laugh at your jokes no matter how cheesy they are because they'll never leave you hanging in a room full of strangers (am I right?!). 

Having your hearts knit together with someone who loves you, gets you, and lets you know when you have spinach on your teeth (raise your hand if you've been there!). I am all for couples who are head over heels in love with each other, looking forward to late night cuddles on the couch or trying out new dinner recipes together after watching another Gordon Ramsay episode (minus the swearing, thankyouverymuch). 

This is YOUR wedding day! I officially give you permission to ignore your well-meaning relatives and friends who say you must do this, must plan that etc. Forget all the "must-have" lists and traditions that don't fit your style because in the end, you have to do what works for YOU.

I was a bride once too and it was hard trying to figure out which table setting to go with, whether to invite kids to the reception (we did!), or which cake to order (we went with cotton candy instead!). If you're not a fan of bouquets, don't have one! If you'd rather hit the dance floor early than hear an endless night of speeches, DO IT! Follow that lovely heart of yours and what fits your personalities!


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modern wedding photography for romantic souls

Hello, I'm Laurie! I'm a dream chasing, list making, hopeless romantic in love with my gorgeous husband, Andrew, and this beautiful art form of wedding photography. Whether you're planning a big celebration or an intimate elopement, I'm your girl!

I'm a visual storyteller at heart and I believe genuine photographs can uplift & inspire others in an impactful way. I'm all about keeping it real so we'll take the time to get to know each other before your big day so I can get to know you better and what makes your heart happy.

I'm based in Edmonton, Canada with my second home in Vancouver, and available for weddings all over Alberta & the west coast (this includes the Rockies like Banff & Jasper!). If you're getting married or eloping elsewhere, let me know and I will send you a personalized quote! 

Great things happen when like-minded souls get together, so if you think we'd be a great match, let's make it happen! You can contact me by heading over to my "Contact" page or via If you'd like to learn a bit more about me first and what I love doing on Wednesday mornings, feel free to click here


love letters

“We would just like to say how amazed we are with your service and with your sweet personality! You are everything and more we could hope for in a photographer. Thank you so much for everything thing you have done for us. WE ARE SO IN LOVE with the photos we have seen this far. Forever recommending you to all our friends!”

- Sam & Branden

"I loved how I could see your personality through your work and it was soft and romantic. All your photos of clients you could see who they are and so natural . You could tell they had fun! You're confident, reliable, organized, professional, a great personality, and so much fun. So glad to have met you, Laurie, and your husband, Andrew. People like you change the world."

- TC & Joben

“Thank you so much for the photos! You did such a beautiful job!!! We are so appreciative of everything you did to make our wedding one of the most amazing, perfect, and picturesque days of our lives! We think the world of you and feel like you are not only our wedding photographer, but our friend as well!"

- Aaron & Rebecca