Sam & Branden

Sam & Branden

“We would just like to say how amazed we are with your service and with your sweet personality! You are everything and more we could hope for in a photographer. Thank you so much for everything thing you have done for us. WE ARE SO IN LOVE with the photos we have seen this far. Forever recommending you to all our friends!”

Joben & TC

TC & Joben

"I loved how I could see your personality through your work and it was soft and romantic. All your photos of clients you could see who they are and so natural . You could tell they had fun! You're confident, reliable, organized, professional, a great personality, and so much fun. So glad to have met you, Laurie, and your husband, Andrew. People like you change the world."


"I loved how personable Laurie was, very down to earth, honest and transparent...I never felt awkward or uncomfortable around her. I LOVED every picture she has ever delivered to me! She always comes prepared with ideas, guidance and direction, which makes her work consistent, beautiful, original, and took the pressure off of me.

I appreciated how concerned Laurie was with my comfortability level. She constantly checked in with me to make sure we were on the same wave length and I appreciated how much she invested into our session together (both time and energy). 

Laurie goes above and beyond... I am always in awe of how much she over delivers! Love her work, love her personality and love getting my photos taken by her."

Josh & Vivian

Vivian & Josh

"I want to say, the photos are absolutely breathtaking! I love how you captured us, and we are in love with the pictures!!! You are amazing at what you do!"

Nicola & Brodie

Nicola & Brodie

"Your work captures the human spirit and in my mind, that is the most important aspect that a photographer can bring to the emotion of a picture. If you look through your amazing collection of pictures, not one of them looks 'set up' rather it is the perfect capture of the perfect moment. The photography is organic and flowing, nothing 'canned' about it. It is so real, in the most perfect and candid way. We clicked right away and I felt like I knew you forever. It is clear to me that you 'get' people...not all photographers have this people skill, you truly do and this is a gift to how you 'speak' with your work!"

Aaron & Rebecca

Aaron & Rebecca

“Thank you so much for the photos! You did such a beautiful job!!! We are so appreciative of everything you did to make our wedding one of the most amazing, perfect, and picturesque days of our lives! We think the world of you and feel like you are not only our wedding photographer, but our friend as well!"