Laurie Jensen


I'm a photographer, a dream chaser, and a proud puppy parent to the cutest whippet you'll ever meet.

Most days you'll find me doing one of two things: dance party in my living room or an impromptu karaoke session in my jammies. And no, I am not musically gifted. I can't get enough of showhomes and I'll almost always order tacos if it's on the menu (fish tacos are my fave!). Occasionally I bake, splurge on good skincare, and host dinner dates with friends at home (let me know if you want an invite!).

Some of my favourite places include the mountains & the sea, though I'm terrified of heights and open water (go figure!). I'm happiest after a good night's rest and I'll legit get excited whenever I see something cute (like penguins). I'm grateful for my amazing husband, Andrew, and I consider it a blessing we can still make each other laugh like when we first married!