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Laurie Jensen

hello, I'm Laurie!

I'm a photographer, a dream chaser, and a proud puppy parent to the cutest whippet you'll ever meet. Most days you'll find me doing one of two things: dance party in my living room or an impromptu karaoke session in my jammies. And no, I am not musically gifted. I can't get enough of showhomes and I'll almost always order tacos if it's on the menu (fish tacos, please!).

Occasionally I bake, splurge on good skincare, and buy pretty dresses because I hate wearing pants (who's with me?!). On Wednesdays, I like to practice my pickleball skills, which my mom likes to affectionally call it, "the sport that old Asian men play". 

I'm a firm believer that a kind smile goes a long way and that you can never go wrong when you're following your heart. Some of my favourite places include the mountains & the sea, though I'm terrified of heights and open water. I'm happiest after a good night's rest or a tech-free weekend with my loved ones because there's nothing better than an unplugged getaway (ok, maybe my camera makes an appearance occasionally). To learn more about me and my work, feel free to browse around (there's lots to seeee!) and let's connect soon! 


fun facts about me

1. I have a bachelor's degree in interior design
2. my husband and I eloped in June 2012 to Laie, Hawaii (best place ever)
3. rock-paper-scissors settles any debate in our home (no joke!)
4. I'm a chronic list-maker
5. blush pink is my favourite colour


my stories

how I met the love of my life

We first met when I was having a small get-together at my house one weekend (ok, my parent's house). He knocked on the front door, polite as he can be, and I asked if he was Andrew (of course he was, he was the only person I didn't recognize!!). He thought for sure I wasn't into him because apparently I was looking at everyone else but him (so not true - I just wanted to be a nice host!).

The following weekend we made plans for our first date but I got worried he would think it was another group thing. I SO, SO hoped he knew it would be a date. I mean, how awkward would it be if he showed up to my house again, expecting a bunch of people to greet him, only to have me open up the door in my nice "I just bought this but I'm going to pretend I've had it forever so I can impress you" outfit? 

Our first date was at the observatory - who knows why. I figured it was romantic and different and there was literally NOWHERE else to go in the small town I lived in. Thankfully he thought it was awesome and we made plans for the next weekend! This time, I met his family and we rode on a quad through the woods at night. We literally sat on a giant rock in front of the river until midnight talking about our lives and getting to know each other. It was magical.

After a few months of dating, he took me hiking and proposed to me at the top of a lookout. It was so utterly beautiful and I honestly couldn't have asked for anything better. Shortly after, we eloped to Laie, Hawaii (with our families' blessings!!) and the rest, as they say, is history! 

he's also my: second shooter, assistant, & handsome bag-carrier during shoots & weddings!

Andrew & Laurie


Believe it or not, Chester existed way before we ever got him. When we were dating, Andrew told me he loved whippets and always wanted one. So when we started talking marriage, Chester naturally came into our conversations and how I would dress him up in sweaters and he would be the sweetest, most precious dog ever. 

Fast forward to almost 3 years later, we see a brand new litter just 40 minutes south from where we were! I was still a bit hesitant on puppy-before-babies, but agreed to check them out. Just to see. No pressure. Well, we both fell in love with him immediately and we had to have him. Now our evenings are filled with lots of puppy kisses and trips to the dog park and we wouldn't have it any other way! 

he's also my: lunch break walking buddy & snuggly nap partner


a few of my favourite things

My Favourite Things

Now that you know a bit about me, tell me something interesting about you!