Edmonton Wedding Photography

Aaron & Rebecca


Seriously, how elated are you right now? I hope you are over-the-moon excited for this because being married is awesome. You get to wake up next to your best friend every day and always have someone who will laugh at your jokes no matter how cheesy they are because they'll never leave you hanging in a room full of strangers (raise your hand if you've been there!). 

I am all for couples who are head over heels in love with each other, looking forward to late night cuddles on the couch or trying out new dinner recipes together after watching another Gordon Ramsay episode (minus the swearing, thankyouverymuch). 

Creating new stories and sharing moments that you get to one day tell to your future kids. You know, the kind of stories that start with, "when I was your age...." Your wedding day is the first adventure you will have as husband and wife and in my opinion, is the most important one of all. You guys, this is the REAL DEAL!

Having your heart knit together with someone who gets you, loves you, and lets you know when you have spinach on your teeth.

Rebecca & Jarin


This is YOUR wedding day! I officially give you permission to ignore your well-meaning relatives and friends who say you must do this, must plan that etc. Forget all the "must-have" lists and traditions that don't fit your style because in the end, you have to do what works for YOU.

I was a bride once too and it was hard trying to figure out which table settings to go with (so many options!), whether to invite kids to the reception (we did!), or which cake to order (we went with cotton candy instead!). If you're not a fan of bouquets, don't have one! If you'd rather hit the dance floor than hear an endless night of speeches, DO IT! Follow that lovely heart of yours and what fits your personalities!

The best part about planning a wedding is that it's YOURS.

Bouquet: Therese Lopez Florals / Dress: Maison Bridal

Bouquet: Therese Lopez Florals / Dress: Maison Bridal


I won't just be your wedding photographer. I'll make sure you're well hydrated, happy, and hopelessly in love with all the memories you get to make on your beautiful wedding day. I'll gently guide you into poses when you need it but will never make you look unnatural, and I promise to never, ever, make you say cheese (it's all about keeping it real!!).

On the most romantic day of your life, there's only one thing that matters: that you are loving every minute of it. My job as your photographer is to blend seamlessly in the background documenting your most important moments while stepping in occasionally to keep your wedding experience fun & relaxed (because no one likes a boring photographer!).


With full day coverage, you can plan your day around what fits you rather than the photographer's. We'll work together to create a personalized timeline for your special day and document all of your important moments.


I don't believe in just "showing up for the day", so we'll get to know each other via emails, social media, and at your engagement session so when your wedding arrives, you'll be comfortable with me and my camera tagging alongside of you! 


The last thing you need when planning a wedding is stress, so I keep my pricing simple & honest to make the experience as easy as possible (no hidden fees ever, I promise!). Your images, coverage, editing, and consults are all included.

Coverage begins at $2790

Special rates will be given for remaining 2017 weddings

Elopement & hourly coverage are also available - just ask!