Working on Your Marriage

I hope I'm not shattering anyone's dreams here, but marriage isn't perfect. You're not perfect and the person you choose to marry won't be either. I think the only "perfect" that comes into the equation is that you become perfect for each other. 

Marriage is a two way street (or three if you include God in your decisions like us), and it requires both parties to make sacrifices and work for the marriage, rather than sitting back and letting things happen. Just because you're married does not mean you stop dating your spouse, or you stop nurturing your relationship. Marriage requires action, love, and dialogue.

When Andrew and I married, someone told us to set ourselves aside and be selfless. To think about the other person, and stop thinking about "me" and start thinking about "us".

Our marriage grows stronger when we take the time to thank the other person and express our appreciation for each other. Even the simplest things like, "thank you for unloading the dishwasher" or holding hands while we're falling asleep has nurtured our marriage to incredible growth - one that wouldn't have been possible if we took each other for granted and stopped working on our marriage.

Being married to your best friend is a beautiful thing - make sure they know you love them!