Why I Love Later for Instagram

This, my friends, is gold. 

I used to panic about social media, not knowing what to share, how to caption, or when to post. I've had too many evenings that rolled around and I would hurry to my computer searching for an image, typing up a caption, and shoot, I forgot hashtags!!

A fellow entrepreneur introduced me to Later earlier this year, and since then, my social media game has improved a LOT. And by a lot, I mean I can stress less and my evenings are with my husband and pup, not my computer.

So, what makes Later excellent for entrepreneurs, photographers, and anyone else who wants to up their IG game?

First off, you can upload all of your images onto their database (for your own use). I have a handful uploaded, while the rest are still stored on my computer and hard drives (it's just easier for me this way). I upload more images as I go along. 

Then, you can view your upcoming month/months or focus on a week at a time. 

I then click on an image I want to share from the left, type up my caption and store my image-specific hashtags on there too. Bonus: it tells you when you've hit your hashtag capacity!

When I'm ready to post, I "cut" the hashtag section out, share the image & caption, and "paste" the hashtags onto the comments section to prevent my posts from being text-heavy. 

It has honestly changed the way I market on social media for the better. I am not exaggerating when I say that Later has saved me hours of last-minute prepping as I can plan a week or two in advance in under an hour (or two if I want to plan lots!). I used to plan a month in advance, but a week or two at a time has been easier for me. 

There ARE some downsides to using this method, but it's not specific to Later. I want to mention, there is NO APP that can post on Instagram FOR you. If there is, I would sure love to know about it! It's against Instagram rules for a third-party program to post on your behalf. There are companies that exist that you can pay to post for you, but this is not the same as a free app that is completely automated (because those companies have hired people who log onto your account to post).

What Later does is help you prepare posts in advance, so all you need is literally two minutes of your time when your post is scheduled, helping you save time for more important things (like naps). 

If you're interested in checking it out, I've got a special link below that will give you TEN free bonus posts each month! I'm only able to give it out to 15 people per month so don't hesitate! If you missed out this time, wait a few days to try signing up again! It's worth using the link!!