Vi & Cheeseballs - A Cheesy Engagement Session in the Woods

Vi & Cheeseballs

Your names & ages: Vi (25) & Cheeseball (96)
Occupations: I am a teacher and cheesy over there is a retired house husband.
Current relationship status: Engaged


How did you two meet?

Well, I've dated other people and you know... it was gouda.. but at the sharp moment when I laid eyes on Cheeseballs I knew he was the one. I was travelling on the west coast down in the states, I walked into the nearest supermarket looking for something that would fill an empty void in my tummy. That's where I met him. Staring right at me on the third shelf in aisle 6. We stood there stunned for a few moments as our eyes met. It was grate, I knew he was the one right then and there. I swept him off his feet and we have been together since, brielieve it or not.

When did you start dating? Who asked who? 

We moved pretty quickly actually. A lot faster than in other relationships i've been in. But it just felt like 100% real cheese. It seemed like he always wanted to make me happy and keep me satisfied and you cheddar believe it he did!


Who proposed? How did it happen?

He opened up to me one day and said that Edam though you're a cheese winner in this relationship, I want to show you my commitment in being the one in your life who's utzmost reason for living is to make you happy. It came as such a surprise I didn't even notice when he put the ring on!

Vi & Cheeseballs


How do you like to spend your free time together? 

We love watching Little Swiss Sunshine together.

What kind of adjectives would you use to describe yourselves as a couple? 


Are there any quirks you like about each other? 

His stale personality really charms me.

Do you have any memorable moments you've shared together?

His stale personality really charms me.


If you were stranded on an island:  

Of course the only person I'd want to be with is Cheeseball on a stranded island!

Vi & Cheeseballs