The Importance of Hobbies

I remember a conversation I had with a friend of mine after I graduated university. I was looking for a job and without the jam-packed daily schedule of classes and studying, I was left with a lot of free time I didn't have before. She asked me if I had any hobbies and I told her I never really had time for any, so I wouldn't even know where to start. 

Fast forward six years later, I am a big fan. Even when my schedule doesn't allow for an afternoon's worth of experimenting with my watercolours or learning how to (finally) sew, just taking a few minutes out of my week has helped me realize how re-energizing it is to engage in an activity that's purely for me.

You don't have to be great at it either (though that's probably the end goal) - maybe you just want to learn for the sake of learning, which is totally OK in my books!

Benefits to having a hobby: 

  • it's a fun way to learn a new skill
  • you can connect/expand your social circle (art class etc)
  • it's a nice break/stress-reliever from everyday responsibilities
  • it promotes creativity
  • it encourages you to be present
  • it discourages multi-tasking
  • it's a time to self-reflect/clear your mind

You guys, I can't say this enough. YOU NEED A HOBBY! It's not just for people who "have a lot of free time" or for "people who don't have jobs". I used to think those things but I was so, so very wrong. Instead of thinking you need spare time, you could always make the time to engage in an activity you truly enjoy. 

Finding a hobby can be difficult though if you don't know where to start. So here are some ideas that are fairly easy depending on what you already have.

Hobbies you could start today:

In the Kitchen:

  • learning how to bake
  • trying out new recipes for dinner
  • learning how to make pasta


  • exploring new trails/hiking
  • camping
  • golfing (or other sports)
  • running

At Home:

  • sewing
  • watercolouring
  • video games/board games/card games
  • reading a book
  • writing a book
  • learning a new language
  • DIY projects
  • soap making
  • learning the guitar/piano/another instrument

Is there a hobby you like that's not on the list? Let me know in the comments!