The Easiest, Yummiest, Homemade Bread Recipe Ever

Do you like bread?

Better yet, do you like homemade bread?

Well, my friends, I've got the most delicious, easiest, yummiest, homemade bread recipe EVER.

Like, seriously the best ever. 

And this is coming from a girl who prefers rice over baked goods.

I've always struggled with making bread from scratch because it would always turn out too yeasty, heavy, or just terribly unappetizing.

But you know what changed it all?

THIS recipe.

Easiest Bread Recipe Ever

I legit bought the large bag of flour and yeast from Costco just so I can make more homemade bread for Andrew and me. (Sorry, Cobs. We love you but you're just too expensive for us at the moment!).

Honestly, you guys, all you need is like 3 hours and you barely have to do anything. Measure, pour, mix, knead, wait for 1-1.5 hours. Then divide into 2 loaves and wait again for roughly 30-45 minutes. Then bake for another 30 minutes. 

Meanwhile, you can nap, clean, work, or catch the latest episode of The Bachelor while you're waiting. And anything that saves me time (even though ironically, I'm SPENDING time) is a winner in my books!

You can check out the recipe for yourself here: (and come back and tell me how it turned out for you!).

Easiest Bread Recipe Ever