Amy & Bryce - St. Albert Grain Elevator Park Wedding

Your names & ages: Bryce (30) & Amy (26)
Occupations: Both of us are Realtors
Current relationship status: Engaged


How did you two meet? Met at Big Valley Jamboree through mutual friends.

When did you start dating? Who asked who? Started officially dating in October 2013. Bryce called Amy and asked her out.

Describe your first date. Did you know it would lead to more dates? A relationship? We went to a Zac Brown Band concert. Initially Amy didn't even want to go on the first date but her friends kind of pushed her into it. But after the first date, I think we both kind of knew there was going to be more dates.


Who proposed? How did it happen? Bryce proposed. We had just moved into our new home and it had been a long hectic day and definitely the last thing on Amy's mind.

Was the proposal a complete surprise? How did you celebrate after? Yes, Amy had been suspecting it to happen sometimes soon but the day of because it had been so busy definitely wasn't thinking about it. Since we were so tired after moving all day our celebration consisted of sitting on the couch and calling our families.

How did you know he/she was the one you want to marry? We just have a really great connection and understanding of each other. We both pick each other up when times get tough and we have tons of fun together.


How do you like to spend your free time together? Either relaxing at home, hanging out with friends or going mini golfing or bowling.

Do you have any memorable moments you've shared together? Buying our first home together.


What has been the biggest struggle you've faced as a couple? Living 2 1/2 hours from each other for close to 2 years.

In a world where unfortunate circumstances & divorces occur, what makes you confident your marriage will survive its challenges? We make sure to communicate to each other and divorce is expensive so would rather fight to save a marriage than pay that expensive bill 😉.

What are your goals & dreams for the future? To be able to travel the world and have a nice little family.