Perks of Having Chester as My Co-Worker

I think every entrepreneur/stay-at-home dream chaser should get a dog. Before Chester entered our lives, my work days were mostly in front of the computer with rare breaks and my sleep schedule was pretty much non-existent. Since having him, our health and overall daily moods have improved drastically and it probably is likely because we have a BEING to take care of! 

Perks of Having Chester as My Co-Worker

1. He almost always needs a walk

I really can't do long stretches at my desk anymore (nor should I for the sake of my back and eyes). Chester makes sure I get my daily walks in, morning, afternoon, and evening. From a dog care perspective, he's the one that needs the walk, but I benefit just as much as he does and it gives us both a nice break from being indoors all day!

2. He reminds me that naps (and snack time) are important

Whippets are known to be all-day nappers. As long as they get their daily exercise & attention, they are perfectly content sleeping all day. Literally. He honestly will not move for hours at a time because he's sleeping!! For a while I thought we just had a depressed dog, and I had to remind myself that whippets truly are natural nappers. If you need me during the lunch break, I'll be right beside him napping on the bed!

3. He gives me cuddles when the work gets ruff

The life of a photographer/entrepreneur isn't always easy. It requires a LOT of work and I'm still not at where I'd like to be in my professional career. There is always so much more that needs/should/can be done and it can get pretty overwhelming if I'm not careful. Since Andrew is gone during the day and I work alone at home, Chester gives me that cuddly comfort when I need to de-stress, un-wind, and maybe even someone to talk to (because you know a dog will never question why you're watching the latest episode of The Good Wife when you should still be working). 

4. Every day is pajamas day

Ok, maybe not every day, but he certainly will not judge me if I sit on the couch with my laptop and tea, browsing Facebook "just for a few more minutes" before I get to writing the latest blog post. If I don't have anywhere to go for a while, I'll keep my pajamas on, hair undone sans makeup, and head to the couch where he's waiting for me.

Do you have a pet that makes your work day fun? Comment below with your favourite routine!