Marusiak Family - Edmonton Family Session

When I asked Jessica if she could describe her family for me, she had one word: crazy. She warned me beforehand that they wouldn't be too keen on getting their pictures taken, so I took on that challenge determined to win over their hearts. 

After all, I'm convinced that people only think they don't look good in photos only because they haven't had the best experience before! Whenever they started goofing off, I asked them for one nice photo "for mom", and allowed them to be as goofy as they wished after. And you know what - some of the best memories and the best photographs come from those real moments we have - when our barriers are down and we don't care if we're being photographed because we are being ourselves. 

Despite being eaten alive by mosquites, our time at Whitemud Park and "Cougar Mountain", where they often visited when the kids were younger, made for the best session ever!

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