Becoming a Morning Person

"What?! You're crazy, Laurie! Why would you EVER want to become a morning person?! The nighttime is where it's at!!" - This is what I imagine someone to say when I tell them I want to be a morning person again. Maybe I'm hoping this nonexistent scenario would somehow justify my nightly habits of working late, but at 29 years old, this girl can't take all-nighters the way she used to anymore. 

I scoured the world wide web for tips on becoming a morning person and all the secret/not-so-secret tips have led me to believe the most important thing to establishing a better routine: to become a morning person, you have to work on your nighttime habits more than anything else. Some might disagree, but I've found this to be a rock-solid plan. And by rock solid, I mean if you don't end up watching Netflix instead.


1. Do NOT check your phone at night (1-2 hours before bed)

I'm terribly bad with this, particularly when I KNOW I shouldn't and my phone is RIGHT THERE begging me to pick it up. But I've found my best sleep is often because my eyes aren't staring at a screen right before bed! If this is you, try sleeping with your phone in another room. Bonus points because you HAVE to get up to shut off the alarm when it goes off in the morning!!

2. Set a limit on how many minutes/hours you'll watch TV

I hesitated putting this in, because honestly, I LOVE a bit of TV before bed. This is when I get to catch up on my shows! Still, one episode becomes two, two episodes become three, and before you know it, it's 1am. If I know I'm going to be tempted to watch another episode, I just read a book or a show that starts and ends in one episode (like Love It or List It Vancouver!).

3. Have a plan for the next day

If I know all the things that need to be done tomorrow, I'm a lot less likely to skimp on sleep (or sleep in, for that matter). Making a to-do list the night before ensures I get up when I need to so I can be as productive as one can be once the morning begins!

4. Create an inviting bedroom

When your bedroom becomes an oasis and retreat from your day and even the rest of your home, you won't mind heading to bed early (or maybe that's just me?). If I'm upstairs getting ready to unwind, my only source of light are the LED candles and sometimes a table lamp. I also light a regular candle on my nightstand for the lovely scent that I've now associated with bedtime and start my nightly routine (brushing teeth, washing my face etc). Unless it's a weekend and we're going to watch a movie together, I usually just stay upstairs and wait to fall asleep!

I'm by no means an expert on sleep or someone who has it all together, but these tips I'm sharing are based on my own personal experience and success in getting up early!

Have you tried any of these tips before? Do you have one that hasn't been mentioned yet? Comment below with your rock solid ideas on becoming a morning person!!