Tori - Styled Floral Editorial Portraiture

A year ago, I was too afraid to put myself out there. I had dreams, I had goals, and I had a plan. Only I couldn't quite get over the "what if's". What if no one wants to work with me? What if no one wants to hire me? What if I'm not good enough?

I gave myself one year. One year to make my photography REALLY happen. TRULY happen. To not only consistently book clients but to pursue work that I WANT to do. To not just be a photographer but to be an ARTIST. I really can't believe it has taken me this long in life to figure it out, but it really is true: "smile and the world smiles with you". (Sorry for the cheesy line but it's how I feel!!)

So thank you friends, for trusting me, believing in me, and supporting me. I am so thankful to be doing this for a living, my heart is full!

Hair & Makeup: Avril Thompson (@hairandmakeupbyav)
Floral Crowns: Wheat & Wildflowers (@wildflowersyeg)
Model: Tori Hula (@txrihvla)