Featured: 2015 Shoot & Share Contest

When you put yourself out there, good things happen!! I entered my very first photography contest for Shoot & Share (an online photography community) and I got placed in the top 10%! 

I entered 34 photos: 2 of my images made it to the Top 10% and 4 made it to the Top 20%!! 

Best thing about this win? All votes were done solely on the merit of the photo - not on the photographer. So when you vote, you have no idea who took the shot until after the contest ends. This really appealed to me since it wasn't a popularity contest - good photos made their way up because they were good - not because a certain photographer shot it. 

Major thanks to Aaron & Rebecca and all the lovely people who voted!! 

All photos minus the ocean landscape were taken at Lake Summerside. The ocean shot is from my vacation to Mexico!