7 Tips to Make Your Rental Your Home

When Andrew and I first married, we lived in a tiny tiny tiny apartment near my parent's house, and eventually a tiny but not as tiny condo when we moved to Edmonton. During our time living in these places, our place of residence never felt like home to us. I mean, obviously, it was our home, but there were so many things I wish I could change, design wise, that weren't possible for a renter, and I longed for the days we could purchase our dream home. 

I still have those days and goals of renovating our dream home, but until then, I've learned to embrace where we're living now (because we lucked out with a gorgeous house), and embrace the renter's life. No, I can't sand and restain the kitchen cabinets or replace the counters, but there are things I can do to make our rental feel more like home.

7 Tips To Make Your Rental Your Home

1. Ask if you can paint

Forget that "builder's beige" and ask your landlord if you can paint your new home! We lucked out with an awesome landlord and he let us! We gave him 2 options, both neutral blue-greys, and he and his wife chose one and even hired the painter to do the job! It was one of the major changes that made it feel more like our place and I'm so glad we were able to get it done.

2. Invest in pieces you can take to your next place

Considering you are potentially not staying in your rental long-term, whether you're saving up for a down payment or you're planning to move again within 3-5 years, invest in versatile pieces that work in your current and future home. It's not a hard and fast rule, considering your current rental might be a condo and your future home will be a house, but it's something to consider with pieces like furniture, wall art, and accessories.

3. Change the faucets & shower heads

One of the things Andrew and I always do is switch out the shower heads and it makes a huge difference!! We haven't changed the faucets yet, but that's something we are thinking about for our kitchen since the one that's already there isn't the best (lighting fixtures are another option to update). Just remember to keep the old ones since your landlord might not appreciate your changes when you move out!! (Our last landlord asked if he could keep them so we said yes!).

4. Host dinners & gatherings

When we lived in our small condo, we rarely had friends over. We didn't have the furniture, let alone the space, to host groups larger than 2. Since moving into our current home, we love hosting dinners and having friends over for board games or catching up!

If you're uncertain about making changes to your current rental, I recommend speaking with your landlord first to make sure what you're doing fits within what your rental contract allows! 

What do you think about these tips? Have they worked for you? Do you recommend something that hasn't been mentioned yet? Comment below!