7 Modern Ways Couples Can Say Goodbye to Traditions

Once in a while, traditions can be boring. We follow them blindly because we think that’s what’s expected of us and we don’t want to stray from what’s been done before. We’re creatures of habit so it’s easier to let our minds naturally wander to the norm than to switch things up. To make it more us.

Weddings are the perfect time to switch gears and to say goodbye to traditions that don’t match your style. After all, you are fusing two personalities into one so why not take the opportunity to do things that reflect that?

Of course there are some traditions that are deeply meaningful and I’m not suggesting you overthrow your entire wedding plans! Rather, I want to suggest 7 ways you can make your wedding more modern and encourage you to give yourself permission to do things that fit your personalities better. Just because some things have always been done a certain way before doesn't mean it's the only way!

7 Modern Ways Couples Can Say Goodbye to Traditions

Naked Cakes

I sooooo wish I knew about naked cakes when I got married! Traditional cakes are gorgeous but often have a ton of icing you end up scraping off anyways (what a waste!). Instead, naked cakes are essentially unfrosted so all of the delicious texture and colours of the cake are exposed and decorated with a natural garnish like berries, flowers, or greenery. Can you say delish?!

Check out my favourite naked cakes on Pinterest.


Oh succulents, what DON’T I love about them? They’re earthy, colourful, and because they last way longer than your typical floral arrangements, you can even use them after to brighten up your home! There are plenty of ways to include succulents as part of your wedding decor: as centrepieces, bouquets, backdrops, and even favours for your guests!

Check out my favourite succulent ideas on Pinterest.

Unconventional Wedding Dresses

Finding that one perfect dress isn’t an easy task and traditional dresses don’t make it any easier! I love it when I see brides choose a dress that fits their personality & style perfectly, even if it means choosing one that’s fairly unconventional. Whether it’s blush coloured, separates, or happens to be an outfit not exactly meant for weddings (like a white romper!), it’s your day so you might as well make the most of it! 

Check out my favourite wedding dresses on Pinterest.

Mismatched Bridal Party

Another thing I love? Bridesmaids wearing different dresses!!! Seriously! This is probably my favourite wedding idea ever. It’s not like they all have the same personality, so why should they all wear the same looking dress? There are tons of bridal parties that have pulled this off. The main thing to keep in mind here is to stick to a colour palette and play around with hues and/or different outfit options so they all complement each other (and you!).

Check out my favourite bridal mismatches on Pinterest.


I know what you’re thinking. You couldn’t possibly elope and disappoint all your family and friends - everyone who’s been dying to see you walk down the aisle ever since you were a little girl! It’s definitely not for everyone but eloping can be a beautiful, magical, and remarkably intimate experience you will never forget. Plus, you can always hold a reception when you return!

It’s the ultimate in romance and adventure - just the two of you declaring your “I Do’s” next to a waterfall, at the top of the mountains, or in a secluded forest. As someone who eloped just a few years ago (with our family’s blessings!), we don't regret our decision one bit!

Check out my favourite elopements on Pinterest.

Ceremony Backdrops

Whether you’re planning a ceremony indoors or outdoors, backdrops can provide a visually stunning element to your overall wedding aesthetics. Plus, you can bond with your bridesmaids while you make one together! Material options here are endless and if you’re pinched for ideas, just head to the nearest Anthropologie or Club Monaco store and check out their window displays (mad props to their visual coordinators for making beautiful displays out of ordinary things)!

Check out my favourite wedding backdrops on Pinterest.

Food Truck Reception

Best thing about a food truck reception? People will be talking about it for weeks! It definitely doesn’t fit your average traditional wedding and elevates your guests’ experience to one they’ll always remember (you can't go wrong with delicious street food!). If you’re worried about cleanup and don’t want to sacrifice service, consider adding on a small waitstaff so you can keep focused on the food and festivities.

Check out my favourite food truck weddings on Pinterest.

So there you have it! My 7 ideas for modern couples! Are you planning to add any of these to your own wedding? Is there another idea you're considering? Let me know in the comments!