Six Habits to Drop for Better Productivity

I thought it would be easy peasy to be my own boss, working from home, and setting my own hours. But little did I realize at the time that you will rarely ever completely finish everything that needs to be done.

My physical & emotional health took a toll and instead of controlling my work schedule, it slowly but surely started to control me. Whenever I took a proper lunch break, slept in, or walked away from my desk for the weekend, I felt an overwhelming sense of guilt. 

"I still have so much to do."

"I don't deserve to rest until I'm successful."

"I just need one more hour."

Does this sound like you too? If so, break that habit! There's nothing worse than trying to catch that elusive end of your to-do list when it keeps growing and feeling like we have so much more yet to accomplish. It's a work in progress but I want to share these tips with you if you're needing a little encouragement to establish better work habits too!! 

Six Habits to Drop for Better Productivity

1. Checking FB & IG a million times a day.

It's a seemingly innocent task but it can definitely derail an entire afternoon's worth of work if you're not careful! Make a rule to only check xx amount of times a day (like once in AM and once in PM), or only spend xx amount of time each session. Same goes for emails!

2. Pulling all-nighters.

Just one more hour quickly becomes two, then three, then four, then what in the world? How did it become 4am already?! Trust me, it was incredibly hard to convince myself that it's never an hour (or even ten minutes!), but it gets easier with practice. I'm not in college anymore and staying up all night for work is never worth skipping out on beauty sleep!

3. Sacrificing family time for your to-do list.

Does anyone ever say, "I wish I spent more time with my coworkers" on their deathbed?! Or "I wish I worked more"? I don't think work should ever take a higher priority in life than family. I realize everyone's situations are different and there are genuine instances when this can't happen, but even then, we can carve out time to be with our family members (even when it's only once a week!!). 

4. Feeling like a failure when something doesn't work out.

I've heard before to be the kind of boss you would want to yourself, so why would we ever criticize ourselves in a way we'd never allow someone else to? Be kind and encouraging to yourself!

6. Giving yourself too much work

When I was in school, one of my professors made us put a time frame for each and every task we had so we could see just how much time a project would take and where our time was going. I started doing this again and I realized it's better for my health, my relationships, and emotional well-being to give myself realistic deadlines and truly enjoy the free time I carve for myself in between.

Do you have more tips to beat procrastination and up your productivity? Comment below!!