30 Before 30

Turning 30 is kinda a big deal for me (I imagine it is for a lot of people though!). I had this idea when I was younger that I'd be a professional career woman by now with a city loft and a wardrobe full of pretty clothes.

Even though things didn't exactly happen the way I envisioned, I'm grateful for how my life DID turn out. And because it's always better to think about the positive rather than the things I missed out on, here are just a few things I've accomplished in my 30 years!

  1. Bungee jumped on Vancouver Island
  2. Ziplined even though I'm terrified of heights
  3. Traveled across 5 different countries
  4. Took +45 plane rides
  5. Learned photography straight from manual mode
  6. Started my own photography business
  7. Eloped to Hawaii
  8. Became a puppy parent to the cutest whippet ever
  9. Dyed my hair blonde (something I thought I'd never do!)
  10. Learned how to bake without setting off the fire alarm (it's a pretty big deal)
  11. Visited Chichén Itzá 
  12. Swam in a cenote
  13. Snorkeled with tropical fish & turtles in Hawaii
  14. Graduated with a bachelor degree in interior design
  15. Got laser eye surgery
  16. Drove a Model X
  17. Rode in the back of a motorcycle
  18. Swam with dolphins
  19. Surfed in Tofino
  20. Moved to a brand new country at 7 years old
  21. Learned how to shoot a rifle at my father in law's ranch
  22. Took a week-long road trip across Montana
  23. Overcame depression and a very dark period of my life
  24. Learned that my self-worth is not based on my appearance or what others may think of me
  25. Learned that it's OK to make mistakes because you can learn from them
  26. Love my imperfect body
  27. Strengthened my relationship with my Dad before he passed away
  28. Swam under a waterfall
  29. Camped under the stars
  30. Built a dining table from scratch

What are some things you've accomplished in your life? Anything I should do in my thirties?! If you have your own 30-before-30 list, share it with me below - I'd love to read it!