15 Stay-At-Home Date Night Ideas That Aren’t Movies

When Andrew and I were dating, weekends were oh-so-dear to us because those were the only times we had to see each other. After a long week at work & school, it was nice to know that we could carve out those 2 special days when time allowed to spend them together. When we got married, we did our best to carry on our date night tradition but I won’t lie: living in a small town with not much to do during winter, we had to get creative. Plus, dinners out every week got expensive real fast and we were trying to save up whatever we could as newlyweds.

We’re approaching our 4 year anniversary this June (oh, how time flies!!) and every now and then we still like to stay home on a Friday or Saturday evening - because who could say no to an evening in your pjs hanging out with your best friend?!

So, if you're bored of the typical dinner & movie dates, consider these ideas below! 

15 Stay-at-Home Date Night Ideas That Aren’t Movies

1 - Board Games

There are so many board games you can play with just 2 players and it really brings out the competitive nature in you! You could also keep things simple and play card games instead, but regardless of what you choose, it’s definitely a fun way to compete with each other!

2 - Video Games

I’m not a fan of video games at all (mostly because I’m terrible at them!) but even I can’t deny how fun Mario Kart is!

3 - Homemade Pizza

Who doesn't love homemade pizza?! You can either make 1 large pizza to share or 2 separate ones. Either way, you'll have fun making the dough, prepping the toppings, and sharing a made-from-scratch meal together!

4 - Write a Wish List & Share it with Each Other

Sharing your wish lists reveals a lot about each other, which will naturally start an engaging conversation about your interests & hobbies. And if you’re like us, some of them might even overlap! (Our first wish lists both asked for a puppy!).

5 - Visit Places Using Google Street View

This is especially fun if the other person grew up in a separate city or visited places you haven’t been before. It’s very nostalgic and before you know it, you’re sharing lots of memories you forgot about!

6 - Build a Fort in the Living Room

I know, childish, right? But it’s so fun and even more so when you have a dog wondering what in the world you two are up to!!

7 - Picnic in the Backyard

Even better, camp in your backyard! It’s a nice way to “get away” without really “getting away”. Grab a blanket, pack some food, and head to your backyard for a peaceful night outdoors!

8 - Exercise Using a Fitness Video

It can be a lot of fun exercising together, and even if you don’t have gym memberships, you can still get fit in your own living room! Especially helpful during winter!!

9 - Paint with Each Other

Grab some brushes, paper, and paint for an artistic evening! It can be entirely silly or you could try learning from our personal favourite, Bob Ross. It makes for a very entertaining evening!

10 - Make S’mores over Candlelight or the Stove

We love making s’mores at home and talk about our camping experiences from when we were younger. You could even do this AND set up a tent in your backyard and have a real at-home campout!

11 - Karaoke

I’m pretty sure karaoke was made for people who can’t sing but love to sing! It’s an icebreaker for sure if you’re still getting to know each other but entertaining nonetheless!

12 - Have a Water Gun Fight

You go to Costco, expecting to buy only the things on your shopping list. Then, you see the Super Soakers on sale. You HAVE to get them, right? That’s exactly what we did and we love every opportunity to use them!

13 - Improv Night

This one will take some creativity but it will guarantee laughs together. Even if you’d never do improv in public (like me), you can’t resist making each other laugh!

14 - Have a Real Conversation with Each Other

When most of your conversations centre around your kids/work/wedding plans, it’s refreshing to talk about something that really sparks interest for each other. Talk about your hobbies, your childhood, your favourite book, and really get to know each other. Even if you’ve known each other for a long time, there’s always something new to learn!

15 - Read Old Journal Entries to Each Other

This one is my personal favourite because it reveals a lot about ourselves at a certain time in our lives that we may not have shared before. If you don’t keep a journal, you could just pick a year/age and talk about your most memorable events that happened then.

Do you have any stay-at-home date night ideas not listed above? I’d love for you to share them below!